Sharon is a magical storyteller—engaging her audience with powerful words and holding them on the edge of wonder and delight.

Wendy Golding – Horse Spirit Connections and FEEL Certification Program

Sharon is an outstanding speaker. She enlightens, entertains, inspires, and fully engages the audience. She is also one of the funniest and most natural speakers I’ve ever witnessed. Highly recommended to bring magic to your event.”

Peggy McColl – New York Times Best-Selling Author

Sharon’s amazing presentation skills and personality aren’t to be forgotten.

Stephan Stravrakis – CEO of 3D Thinking & Training & Perception Engineer

Sharon creates memorable moments! She gets the whole room laughing, but also delivers a very heart-felt message. She is the real deal—helping us to remember the power of the human spirit. Sharon, this world needs to hear your message!

Sandy Alemian – Author, healer, speaker, and spirit medium

I have had the pleasure not only of working with Sharon, but also of hearing her speak publicly. She is an engaging speaker not only because of her deep spiritual knowledge, but also because of her sense of humor and her palpable kindness and genuineness. And you can’t help but be riveted by the fact that the perfect Scottish accent she’s speaking in is the result of a bad knock on the head—caused by an extremely rare, but real medical condition. It makes her all the more fascinating to listen to!

Guy Lyman – Copywriter, Hasmark Services

Sharon is one of the most energetic speakers I have ever witnessed. Not only is she comical and strong in her deliverance, but she also talks her walk and walks her talk. If you ever get a chance to watch Sharon in action, get as close to the front row as you can—the word disappointment will never enter your mind. Oh, and bring all your friends; you don’t want them to miss out on Sharon’s story—from near death to outstanding recovery!

Yvonne Higham – Ranking Coordinator, Hasmark Services

I am in awe of this woman! Sharon is a gift in this world and I could watch her speak for days.

Tara Taylor – Hay House Author and Advocate of Love

It’s been four years since I first met Sharon, and I’m amazed at the depth of her spirit as well as her ability to entwine her pre-injury knowledge-based on science, business, and spirituality-with her post-injury knowledge-based on a lot of research, and trial and error. I have no doubt that by engaging in Sharon’s iCopeNOW workshop, you’ll be better able to cope with your post-concussive symptoms, and you’ll find hope where you thought there was none and experience successes that you never imagined possible.

Amy Abbruzzese, M.A. – Acquired Brain Injury Clinical Consultant & Rehabilitation Therapist

When I first heard Sharon tell her story I was captivated. She has a profound message to share. She’ll reach your audience at the emotional level and they’ll be talking about her long after they leave the room. She’s a natural on the stage!

Steve Lowell – International Speakers and Professional Speaking Mentor